A zoo
in montréal

One and only outdoor zoo on the island of Montréal, the Ecomuseum Zoo is open to the public 364 days per year.
With over 115 animal species from Québec in a cozy and natural setting,
the Ecomuseum Zoo provides a unique opportunity to commune with nature just 20 minutes from downtown Montréal.




June 17th 2015

St-Jean Baptiste 2015: let’s celebrate Québec’s biodiversity!

At the Ecomuseum Zoo we are what we might call "politically neutral", except when talking about our animals; Québec’s wildlife is rich, and it pumps up our Québec pride! So why would you come visit the zoo on June 24th?

June 11th 2015

3 zoos or aquariums to visit in the US

The summer holidays are fast approaching, and we wanted to share with you a few “favorites” if you want to visit animals on the other side of the border.

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