Donate time



Get involved, become a volunteer.

Are you looking for a rewarding and fun volunteering opportunity? Why not give of your time to the Ecomuseum Zoo! We would be unable to offer all our programs and services without the help of a dedicated team of volunteers who generously devote their time for the betterment of the organization and to extend the reach of its mission.

Naturalist guides

The Ecomuseum Zoo is always pleased to have new volunteers come aboard. If you have environmental education at heart and would like to share your passion, you would likely enjoy becoming a qualified naturalist guide, offering guided tours to groups of visitors and assisting our zoologists in our Experience+ activities.

Story time

Toddlers hold a special place in your heart? Story time could be the perfect volunteer activity for you! Once a month, children from 0 to 5 years old get together to listen to a story and make animal-themed crafts. We are always seeking volunteers to host this fun-filled and imaginative activity!

Nature Camp

Every summer, the Ecomuseum Zoo needs young teen volunteers to join our summer Nature Camp program as Assistant Camp Counsellors. A wonderful first experience in the world of camps!