The ZOO year-round!


The ZOO all year long!

The Ecomuseum Zoo is open all year long offering unique experiences in all seasons. 

Although the zoo is open daily for a visit with friends or family, it happens on occasion that the Ecomuseum Zoo takes advantage of special holidays or festivities to offer you a unique perspective! Do not miss the following celebrations and check out our calendar of events not to miss anything.

Spring Break 

Always busy, Spring Break at the zoo is a must for the whole family! Meet our animal care team and their feathered, furry and scaly friends!


Follow tradition and celebrate Easter at the zoo! Our traditional Easter Egg Hunt is not to be missed for a party your children will not soon forget!


Summer is the perfect opportunity to come visit the Ecomuseum Zoo! Presentations by our animal car team, special booths, games and more await visitors.

Free admission for kids day!

Every year in September, the Ecomuseum Zoo offers a "free admission for kids day"! Indeed, every child accompanied by a paying adult will visit the zoo for free on this specific day. Check out our calendar of activities to discover the date!


Discover the myths and legends surrounding the animals of Québec. Do you get warts if you touch a toad? Are Crows bad luck? A weekend that will amaze the whole family!

Holidays Magic

During the Holidays take a break to enjoy the Ecomuseum Zoo in its winter splendor. See our animals with their majestic furs and observe the presentation of gifts to the animals by our zoo elves!